40th Anniversary Spring Conference

40 years CRR

The CRR Annual Spring Conference is coming to The Warner Center Marriott once again on Aprill 20-22!

In honor of our 40th Year Anniversary, the Region Board and the Spring Conference Committee are planning a celebratory gathering to highlight our 40 years of service to the Camino Real Region and to spotlight plans for the future.  If you have not attended a Spring Conference, this is the year to join us!

This year's theme is WORKING AS ONE: INVESTING IN OUR DREAMS.  This theme not only represents our Federation goal, but epitomizes what our 22 clubs have worked to achieveduring this biennium: Maintaining our individual club identities while "working as one" to ensure that the women and girls in our respective service areas achieve their dreams.  Yes, we pursue dreams, we dare to dream, we capture dreams, we make dreams come true. We are an amazing alliance of women with hearts of gold, possesing the inherent qualities of mutual respect and support.

Get ready for a conference that will energize! As always, we will work had, play hard, dream big, and never stop believing that anything is possible.  We encourage you to invite ALL members to attend and to bring prospective members to selected events.  

A digital copy of the Call to Conference will be coming to your email soon!! It will also be availabe under the Resource section of our website.

Hope to see you all at The Warner Center Marriott, April 20-22! You don't want to miss this!

Governor Ginger