Welcome to the Camino Real Region (CRR) Resources page. Here you will find key documents that can be downloaded by clicking on the link for your use and reference."

Chapter Documents

Board Expense Form


Calendar Submission Form

Call to Conference 2-27-17

Candidate Resume 2018-2020

Club Corner Submission Form

Conference At A Glance 2017

Committee Voucher Form 2017

Credentials Verification Form 2017

Disaster Grant Application

Distinguished Soroptimist Recognition Form 2017

Dues Bill 2017

Fall Workshop PowerPoint Presentation

Financial Transaction Form

Governor's Club Award 2017

Health Summit Form 2017

Members Only Achieved Your Dreams Form 2017

Memorial Program Form 2017

New Districts July 1, 2017

New Member Welcome Registrtion Form 2017

Nomination for 2018-2020 Regional Officer

Organizational Chart 2017

Registration and Meal Form 2017

Registration and Meal Form 2017 Word Doc

SIA Club Roadmap

Sponsorship Form 2017

Standing Rules

Trade Vendor Application 2017

Volunteers Sign Up Form 2017


Section 1 - Information

Section 2 - Federation

Section 3 - President 

Section 4 - Secretary

Section 5 - Treasurer

Section 6 - Membership

Section 7 - Programs

Awards and Recognition

Distinguished Soroptimist Recognition Application

Governor's Award Application

CRR 2014-2016 Form 500 writeable.pdf127.45 KB
Section 1-Information.pdf6.1 MB
Section2-Federation.pdf4.14 MB
Section3-Secretary.pdf7.69 MB
Section4-Secretary.pdf3.52 MB
Section5-Treasurer.pdf3.26 MB
Section6-Membership.pdf7.25 MB
Section7-Programs.pdf4.71 MB
CRR Disaster Grant Application_v1.pdf50.37 KB
CRR-Simplified-Financial-Transaction-Form_rev9-2015.pdf53.21 KB
Board Expense Form_ver2 (2) (1) (1).pdf97.57 KB
clubroadmapforsuccess_english.pdf131.18 KB
Standing Rules Camino Real Region April 2013.pdf421.13 KB
Fall Workshop Presentation - Final.pdf3.6 MB
Registration and Meal Form 2017.pdf104.1 KB
Call to Conference 2-27-17.pdf10.4 MB
Registration and Meals Form 2017.doc146 KB
Health Summit form with correcti.PDF901.4 KB
Conference At a Glance.JPG153.88 KB
New Member Welcome Registratioin.pdf491.25 KB
Volunteers Sign-up Form.pdf360.58 KB
2017 CRR Spring Conf Sposorship Form.pdf219.8 KB
Trade Vendor Application and Indemnification.pdf578.71 KB
Members Only Achieved Your Dreams Recognition.pdf503.22 KB
Distinguished Soroptimist Recognition.pdf396.37 KB
Credentials Verification Form.pdf285.06 KB
Governor's Club Award.pdf1.39 MB
Memorial Program Form.pdf990.22 KB
crr dues bill 2017doc.pdf463.67 KB
Board Expense Form2017.pdf158.08 KB
Camino Real Region 3 Districts July 1 2017.png286.5 KB
Soroptimist CRR 2018-20 NominationforRegionalOfficers (1).doc274.5 KB
CRR Candidate Resume 2018-20.doc271 KB
Region Org Chart.JPG87.34 KB